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អ្នកសម្របសម្រួលការរៀនសូត្រកម្ពុជា Cambodian Learning Facilitators
Useful Publications for working in Cambodia

Building Resilient Organisations  

A Resource for Organisational Development Practitioners
and NGO Managers Working in Cambodia

Authors: Leng Chhay and Graeme Storer

Publisher: VBNK (available at VBNK office)

Year: 2012

Description: The book describe approaches and tools for organisational development in Cambodian context. Outline of the book:

How cambodian context shape learning and organisational development (learning in Cambodian context; Introduction to capacity development; Introduction to organisational development (what and why); Managing organisational development process (understanding organisation; steps in OD process); Things that get in the way; Dealing with resistencs; adopting a learning approach; Organisational development toolbox; Glossary of OD terms.






Perspectives on the complexities of Cambodians and Expatriates working together


Authors: Leng Chhay and Jenny Pearson

Publisher: VBNK (available at VBNK office)

Year: 2006


Description: The book presents perspectives of Cambodian and expatriate writers based on their long-terms working experience in Cambodia. The book is recommended for those who wish to establsih a supportive working relationships while working in Cambodia. Outline of the book:

  • Cambodian history and culture

  • Multi-cultural organization

  • Communication issues

  • Cambodian norms of behaviors

  • How Cambodians learn

  • How Cambodians perceive about Change

  • Some strategic questions to be considered

  • An analysis of some selected Khmer sayings