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អ្នកសម្របសម្រួលការរៀនសូត្រកម្ពុជា Cambodian Learning Facilitators
Organizational development / Capacity Development resources

Selected Capacity Development Resources from the world

All in PDF file format - download free of charge; all guaranteed for virus free



Capacity Development (A-Z):

  • Behaviors and facilitating change, issue 39 (download)

  • Organisational learning, issue 33 (download)

  • ECDPM: Capacity, change and performance, No. 21 (download)

  • ECDPM: Capacity, change and performance, No. 22 (download)

  • ECDPM: Capacity, change and performance, No. 59B (download)

  • GTZ: Capacity development for sustainable development (download)

  • GTZ: GTZ's understanding of capacity development: a guiding framework for corporate action (download)

  • JICA: Capacity development handbook (download)

  • JICA: JICA theory to capacity development (download)

  • OECD DAC: seeking better practices for capacity development: training and beyond (download)

  • OECD DAC: The challenges of capacity development: working towards good practice (download)

  • UNDP: Overview of UNDP's approach to supporting capacity development (download)

  • UNDP: Capacity Assessment Practice Note, 2008 (download)

  • UNDP: Supporting capacity development: The UNDP approach, 2009 (download)

  • VBNK: The ICCO Partners' Project (IPP): Partnering for change, 2008 (download)

Organizational Development (A-Z):

  • Jenny Pearson: Integrating learning into organizational capacity development of Cambodian NGOs (download)

  • Johari window: Building deeper relationships (download)

  • Kirkpatrick: Levels of evaluation (download)

  • Mckinsey 7S framework for organizational development (download)

  • OECD DAC: Ten steps towards results-based monitoring and evaluation system (download)

  • Organizational development 101 - presentation (download)

  • PACT: Management Control Assessment Tool (MCAT) (download)

  • PACT: Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool (OCA) (download)

  • Warner Burke: Organizational development (download)

  • Situational leadership (module 16) (download)

  • SLA: Strategic Planning Handbook (donwload)

  • TQL: Strategic Planning Handbook (download)

  • UNDP: Handbook on Planning, Monitoring and Evaluating for Development Results (download)

  • United World Food Program (WFP): Monitoring and Evaluation Guideline: RBM-oriented monitoring and evaluation (download)